Best free resources to master shader programming in Unity

  • Post last modified:12 December 2023

These are the online places where I personally got a good knowledge of how computer graphics actually work and the core concepts behind the rendering of 3D data onto the screen.

Getting started to know what a shader is and how it works

Tutorial by Alan Zucconi

Here you can get started with the structure of a shader and how it works.

Shader graph – A node-based tool for shader programming

Tutorial by Unity

Shader graph tutorial given by technical artists working in Unity. This will serve as an introduction to using shader graphs to create a shader.

Tutorial by Ben Cloward

You can find basic to advanced level of shading concepts and techniques with shader graph in this YouTube channel. Ben Cloward works for Unity on the Shader Graph team.

Advanced shader programming and rendering concepts

Tutorial by Jasper Flick

If you want to get deeper into shader techniques and understand all the minute details of graphics rendering theories and the math behind them, then this is the right site to explore.

Tutorial by Timothy Ned Atton

Here Ned follows the style similar to Jasper but explains the concepts with code for Universal Render pipeline (URP), which is the latest graphics render pipeline recommended by unity for most platforms.