Basic Shaders to get started in shader graph

  • Post last modified:14 December 2023

Here is a list of Unity URP shaders with a tutorial for each shader. These shaders will be helpful in learning shader programming using Shader Graph, especially for beginners.

Primitive Shaders

(Click on the below images to go to its tutorial page)

Highlight shader in Unity URP
Vertex animation shader URP
Vertex Animation
Camera Distance mask shader
Camera Distane Mask
Normal Blend Shader
Normal Blend
Sizzling dissolve shader
Sizzling Disslove
Wind shake shader
Wind Shake
Triplanar Projection shader
Triplanar Projection
Ripple Shader

Advanced Shaders

Toon Shader

Post process – Full-screen Shaders

Screen warp effect
Screen Warp
Toon outline effect - unity post process with full screen shader
Toon Outline